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Salad of prawns cooked two ways, coral oil, avocado and tomato textures35 €
Cream of artichoke with shrimps, air of truffle and black olive.22 €
Papillote of with asparagus and cod with fungi and kumquat broth.26 €
Creamy seafood rice with foie gras and Palamós prawns citrus oil and toasted hazelnuts. 38 €
Saint Félicien cheese risotto with candied mushrooms, nuts and chicken wings, seasoned with cooked egg yolk.24 €
Veal shank cannelloni with mushrooms, foie, truffle and white sauce made with goat’s milk22 €
Fish from the marketplace auction
John Dory with Figueres onions, comfit tomatoes, kumquats and lemongrass garlic mayonnaise.24 €
Fillet of roast monkfish with textures of picada sauce, Palamós prawns, stewed monkfish skin and a hazelnut romesco sauce.38 €
Turbot with Tsukandani of Shitake Thai and crispy vegetables with lemon and olive oil.24 €
Meat and poultry dishes
Coal-smoked roast guinea-fowl with foie gras, eggplant, mustard and citrus skins30 €
Veal cooked three ways with a consommé of trumpet mushrooms, baby vegetables and fresh herbs.29 €
Cylinder of lamb with a caramel sauce of stewed mushrooms and garlic cream.26 €
Roast suckling pig with a mango compote and black olives.37 €
Stewed pork skin with prawns and a chickpea and vanilla cream.32 €
Our desserts
Belgium Ale: Chocolate, coffee, banana, black olive and toffee. 10 €
Roast brioche, infused with milk and spices, served with Tahitian vanilla ice cream.10 €
Banana, cocoa, fresh cream and Bourbon10 €
Coconut, yogurt, green apple and yuzu.10 €
Selection of aged cheeses.10 €
Tasting Menu
Foie, eel and tamarind focaccia.
Coal-smoked anchovy and bread with tomato
Cured egg yolk with a selection of Iberian meats
Papillote of white asparagus and cod, with mushroom and citric broth
John Dory with Figueres onion, cumquat and lemongrass garlic mayonnaise
Thai blossom bonbon pigeon à la royale.
White chocolate sponges, yogurt, mandarin and olive oil
Goat cheese foam with honey ice cream, pine nuts and rosemary
Petits fours
*Menu subject to modifications by the chef.
Price VAT included
Mussels with ginger and lychee
Seafood creamy rice with foie and Palamós prawn
This menu will be served to all people at the table.
It does not include wine.
80 €

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