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Hotel 5 estrellas ABaC Barcelona

Book 24h +34 932 167 700

Meetings and Events

Event and meeting rooms, whose capacities ranges from 2-70 people, placed special emphasis on enhancing light through integrated stained glass windows; as regards the finishing touches, these fall in line with the concept applied to the rest of the hotel, highlighting the layers of the existing drop ceiling with indirect lighting.

Rooms are equipped with the most modern technology. For whatever event you may wish to undertake, our highly qualified personnel will take care of every detail and will work with you in all aspects regarding organisation to guarantee a memorable experience for all present and successful outcome to your meeting.

Meeting Rooms M2/ft2 Cocktail Theatre Banquet Boardroom
Siraz 21/226.042 - - 10 10
Pirámides 26,5/279.861 25 - 12 12
Dalias 27/290.625 40 36 12 12
Demi tasse 46,32/495.139 50 21 - -
Ninfas 74/796.529 62 45 25 25
Gran Corona 100/1076.391 90 70 60 -
Entreactos 70/753.473 70 - - -
Entreactos + Gran Corona 170/1829.864 150 - - -
Terrace - 30 - -


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