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Description: An effective massage that targets the back, shoulders and neck areas to relieve the stress and muscle tension.

Combination of traditional therapies with warm oil dripped luxuriously over the body which will create a personalized treatment

Nature: relieving

Intensity: deep and strong.

Areas: according to customer, but usually back, shoulders and neck.

Duration: 60min – 90min


Description: Authentic stress reliever therapy. It works in depth, with smooth, long and slow movements in order to return to the body the calm and balance stolen by fatigue or stress. The therapist combines traditional and modern therapies with mixed personalized essential oils, creating a fully customized treatment.

Nature: relaxing

Intensity: slow, musical, soft and deep

Areas: body

Duration: 60min – 90min


Description: Revitalizing ritual for the body, after a long journey. We advocate in the muscle groups involved in the trip position (legs, feet, neck and head) and end with a foot reflexology treatment to help you relax and enjoy the first day of your stay in Barcelona.

Nature: Trip specific problems: irritability, insomnia, constipation, heaviness in legs and arms. It could be called "massage of the 5-points" (hands-feet-head): stretching and relaxing the center (abdomen) rebalances the body's circadian flows. Reflexology helps us to treat the entire body from the foot.

Intensity: medium-strong.

Areas: whole body (1-stretching on bed; 2 - face down: legs and back basic passes, 3-face up: legs and feet, abdomen, skull-cervical and hands)

Duration: 90min o 60min

BEAUTY FLASH (face & body)

Description: Stimulating combination of body and facial massage, the perfect set for a special appointment.

The experience includes a deep cleansing facial with a revitalizing treatment that will give your skin luminosity. In body experience you choose between 30 minutes "Relieving massage" or "relaxing massage".

Nature: Combined 30min (back and leg massage) + 30min (facial aesthetic and neck massage).

Intensity: according to type of massage (relaxation or release version Relieving)

Duration: 60min

SKIN CEREMONY (4in1) (facial 4 in 1)

Description: 4 in 1 treatment designed to meet the needs of hair and challenging skin that is reacting to the stress of modern living. Retrieve the brightness and elasticity of your skin and enjoy this beauty ritual which includes specific masks for neck, hair, nails and hands.

Nature: aesthetic treatment and recovery and anti-wrinkle facial draining. Cosmetics: deep cleansing, serum (choice), facial mask, nail cream mask and hair mask to choose and anti-aging face and neckline cream.

Intensity: gentle

Areas: face, neck and arms

Duration: 60min


Description: Specialized therapy to stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems. This treatment is specially designed to refine, reduce and rest your legs. It is a complete ceremony to make your legs feel lighter, finer and firmer.

Nature: anti –cellulite and circulatory massage.

Intensity: reflexology strong. Smooth-half rest of treatment.

Areas: abdomen, legs and feet.

Duration: 60min

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